Our Project Udaan addresses the inequity in education that still is one of the biggest hurdles in our society. Policies are made with the vision of education for all but due to several gaps and falls in the process the impact on the ground level could be more desired. Koru through this project wants to support the system and also create young Changemakers in the community that can collectively help to address the situation.   

MISSION of Udaan: To enable the youth from the vulnerable and marginalized sections of the community to be changemakers who can bridge educational inequity.        

Through our project, we tend to provide a remedial class to the students of government from standard 5th to 8th. Through an assessment, we identify the students with individual interaction, who can not read or write the alphabet, words, and sentences and cannot do the comprehension. Similarly, students can not do subtraction, multiplication, and also division at the age of 14-15years.